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Expert Firearms Training LLC
“Get Taught by SWAT”

Offering Personalized Tactical Firearms Training to Law Enforcement and Law-Abiding Citizens

Expert Tactical Firearms Training Since 1989

We Have Been Providing Tactical Firearms Training to Law Enforcement Since 1989 & To Law Abiding Citizens Since 2013.

If you want the fastest results, consider getting "TAUGHT BY SWAT."

We have the smallest class sizes for our beginning students. Only two students per instructor. That means every new student gets a ton of personal attention from absolute Experts.

We will not stick you in a class with 10 or 15 other students. Our maximum student count is 5, usually 4 or fewer, and that is with two Expert instructors. We also refuse to cancel a class just because we don't have "enough" students.

OUR TEAM HAS 100 YEARS OF SWAT TEAM EXPERIENCE!!! No other training company even comes close to the amount of experience that we have to offer you.

Look at our Yelp reviews. 100% of our reviews over the last ten years are all 5 Stars. There are 90+ reviews, and every review is 5 Stars. Thank you, everyone!!!

Two men are holding guns and aiming at something.

Here is an Example of When Law Enforcement Comes to Us to Get Expert Results

These targets were shot by one of our police officer students (15 years of experience). This patrol sergeant wanted to become more accurate. The target on the left was shot rapid fire at the beginning of instruction. The target on the right was shot rapid fire, even faster, at the end of only 8 hours of instruction. Big difference. Do like many professionals do, get trained by, THE EXPERTS.